Monarchy of Tondo

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Rajah of Tondo
Raha ng Rahanato ng Tondo
New Coat of Arms.PNG
Imperial Emblem
Franz Victor I
Since 20 September 2016
Style His Majesty
First monarch Drinian Ordanel
Formation 20 September 2016

The Rajah of the Rajahnate of Tondo is the head of state and monarch of Tondo. According to the Constitution of Tondo, the Rajah is elected by a Royal Throne Council for a 5 year term without term limits. However, everybody in the country can run for the Throne, for that reason, Tondo is more on a Crowned Republic than a Constitutional Monarchy.

The current monarch is Franz Victor I.


The Throne was established on the 20th of September, 2016 when then-President Drinian Ordanel proclaimed the existence of a Constitutional Monarchy and renamed the country.


As a constitutional monarch, the office of the Rajah of Tondo is highly ceremonial but has some important functions.

One of the Discretional Powers of the Rajah is to approve Draft Laws before it became an Act of Parliament. The Rajah can also declare State of Emergency in case of Extreme Imminent Danger to the State. No award shall also be compelled to an individual without his consent.

Some of the Rajah's Reserve Powers is to issue Imperial Decrees with the Countersignature of the Prime Minister. He may also exercise Lawmaking Powers with the Prime Minister's permission.

List of Monarchs

# Portrait Name Reign
1 Franz Victor I 28 September 2016 – present