Kingdom of Radoslavia

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Kingdom of Radoslavia

Líp než dřív (Better than Before)
Pochod studentské legie (March of the Legion of Students)
Czech Republic
Capital cityBruntál
Largest cityKrnov
Official language(s)Czech
Short nameRadoslavia
GovernmentUnitary elective absolute monarchy
- KingAlbert Flinkmann
- Type - Unicameral
Population132 979
Time zoneUTC+1

The Kingdom of Radoslavia (Czech: Radoslávské království) is a micronation located in Central Europe (in Czech Republic).


The Kingdom of Radoslavia is an absolute monarchy, where a King (currently Albert Flinkmann) is elected by the Senate. The King serves as both, head of state and head of government, and he rules by royal decrees. The official legislature of the micronation is the Senate, which (in theory) has power to make laws, however, it servers more as an advisory body to the King. Judiciary system is almost non-existent, the tribunals are organized differently case to case. Radoslavia also doesn't have it's own army (Security Forces do officially exist though).

International relations

Historically Radoslavia has followed isolationist international policy, especially when dealing with micronations outside of the Czech sector. However, over the years Radoslavia has established diplomatic relations with several micronations. Thanks to its membership in the UMCE, Radoslavia holds at least limited contact with all members. Especially good relations Radoslavia has with Mekniy, which is considered an historic ally, and Mekniyan companies are allowed to operate in Radoslavia. Radoslavia is a member of emerging Aenia, a confederacy of several influential Czech micronations. A micronation of the Republic of Moravia is considered an historic rival, however today the relations are neutral.


Radoslavia has developed special type of relationship regarding Bobania. Since the 2018 coup d'etat and the attempt of a micronation of the Republic of Czechoslovakia to invade Bobania, several treaties have been signed. Today's foreign relations of Bobania are handled by Radoslavia.


Radoslavia is pretty rich micronation thanks to fiscal-conservative policy but economy itself isn't very advanced. All of the income comes from donations of the government officials.


Radoslavia is based mainly on the mountains called “Jeseníky“ at the west. The east is plain useful for cattle farming. The highest point in the Radoslavia is 'Praděd (1491,3 m.).