Republic of Radoslavia

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Republic of Radoslavia

"Líp než dřív" (Better than before)
Pochod studentské legie (March of the legion of student)
Czech republic
Capital city Bruntál
Largest city Krnov
Official language(s) Czech
Short name Radoslavia
Demonym Radoslavian
Government federal semi-directional parliamentary constitutional republic
- President Albert Flinkmann
- National goverment Vacant
Legislature Senate
- Type - Unicameral
- Number of seats - 61 (estimate)
Established 2017
Population 132 979
Time zone UTC+1

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The Republic of Radoslavia (in czech Radoslávská republika) is micronation located in Central Europe (in Czech republic).


By the constitution adopted on April 2018 is Radoslavia republic, parliamentary democracy and federal state. The head of state is president, who is also leader of the Senate, the main legislature in the country. The Senate is divided into two dominant factions, nationalists (led by current president Albert Flinkmann) and socialists (led by de facto opposition leader Friedrich Kaunis). Executive branch is held by National goverment wich is named by Senate. The judiciary does independent courts.

International relations

Radoslavia is full member of UMCE and one of it's most active members. It keeps friendly relationships with czech and slovak micronations, especially Bobania and Mekniy. Radoslavia is in war with Republic of Moravia but no battles happened.


Radoslavia is pretty rich micronation thanks to fiscal-conservative policy but economy itself isn't very advanced. All of the income is thanks to voluntary tax.


Radoslavia is based mainly on the mountains called 'Jeseníky' at the west. The east is plain useful for cattle farming. The highest point in the Radoslavia is Praděd (1491,3 meters).