Radio Misberia

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Radio Misberia
Type Broadcaster
Country Maritime Republic of The Damariscotta
Availability International
Owner German-Wabanaki Confederation
Key people Archie Birch
Established 23 November 2018
Motto "One Little Radio Station"
Music Weekly Machias Wave
The Damariscottan Hour
Chatshow Misberian Fireside Chat

Radio Misberia or RMIS is an organization, that provides live or recorded audio content such as, music, newscasts and sports, over a group of radio or television stations. The radio station is overseen by The Bobwhite Gazette and the Misberian Broadcast Service as a Damariscottan government sponsored program.


Weekly Machias Wave

The Weekly Machias Wave, is a weekly ranking of music which Archie Birch has listened to, the list ranking show is currently on hiatus.

List of Published Shows

Misberian Fireside Chat

The Machias Fireside Chat, is the sporadically ran chat show going over the growth of the Misberian Confederacy and now the Maritime Republic of The Damariscotta and is run by Archie Birch.

Fireside Chat

The Damariscottan Hour

The Damariscottan Hour, is a weekly updated playlist on Spotify where Archie Birch and Jamie Birch add music which they enjoyed that week.