Radical Conservative Government of Kirkland I

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This was the Privy Council of Kirkland from the 31st of August, 2011 until the Present. Although it is technically a coalition government the Radical Conservatives exert so much influence on the Liberals that the Radical Conservatives are in charge of the government with no opposition from the Liberal Party.

Cabinet Offices are in bold

Office Name Party Notes
Prime Minister
Minister of Internal Affairs
Minister of Industry & Trade
Under-Secretary for Police and Criminal Justice
Under-Secretary for Security and Counter Terrorism
Vice-Chief of the Defence Staff
Commandant of His Majesty's Imperial Guard
Director of the Ideological Protection Agency
Under-Secretary for Inter-Duchy Commerce
Under-Secretary for International Trade
His Grace Stephen Landes, Grand Duke of Balromia Radical Conservative Party
Deputy Prime Minister
Minister of Foreign Affairs
Minister of Defence
Chief of the Defence Staff
Under-Secretary for Treaty Negotiation
Under-Secretary for the Organisation of Active Micronations
Under-Secretary for the Armed Forces
Director of His Majesty's Secret Intelligence Service
The Right Honorable Thomas Henderson, Earl Fenton Liberal Party
Speaker of the Parliament
Chief of the General Staff
First Lord of the Admiralty
Chief of the Air Staff
Chief of the Border Staff
Director of the Kirkland News Service
His Imperial & Most Serene Majesty Emperor Brayden I Radical Conservative Party
Chancellor of the Exchequer
Director of the Internal Security Agency
Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Imperial Bank of Kirkland
His Grace Dakoda George, Grand Duke of Arlington Radical Conservative Party
Minister of Justice
Under-Secretary for Immigration
Under-Secretary for Citizenship
Under-Secretary for His Majesty's Court Service and Legal Aid
Under-Secretary for Prisons and Probation
Under-Secretary for the Maintaining of Internal Security
His Grace Ronald Drown, Grand Duke of Valoria Liberal Party