R v. Los Papangeles Water Authority

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R v. Los Papangeles Water Authority
Case #2016-11-I
Imperial Halls of Justice seal.png
Imperial Halls of Justice
Argued 13th November, 2016
Decided 13th November, 2016
Full case nameR. v. Los Papangeles Water Authority
Reports1 E.L.R. 1 (2016)
The Los Papangeles Water Authority had committed a "civil offense" in respect to Royal Edict 2016-11-I by failing to seek the permission of the government before constructing the Los Papangeles Water Towers. The Water Towers were required to cease operation until subsequent retrospective planning permission could be achieved.
Laws applied
Royal Edict 2016-11-I
MSLC Citation
R. v. Los Papangeles Water Authority EDP IHJ 2016 1 E.L.R. 1 (2016)

R v. Los Papangeles Water Authority, 1 E.L.R. 1 (2016), was a case heard by the Imperial Halls of Justice of the Free City-State of Edenopolis.

The case was heard as a result of a filing against the Los Papangeles Water Authority, a private company that had constructed a set of water towers in the City-District of Los Papangeles. The national government contended that the Water Authority had failed to apply for planning permission to construct said towers, and demanded an injunction requiring they cease operation.


The City-District of Los Papangeles at the time had no water company servicing the city. As a result, the Los Papangeles Water Authority constructed two water towers adjacent to the Daily Micronational Tower in order to amend the situation; however, the government had not been informed that construction was to go ahead, a construction that was completed on the 10th of November, 2016. Three days later, the national government filed a lawsuit against the Water Authority, demanding that the towers be rendered non-operational until a retrospective planning permission request was filed.



The Water Authority filed a plea of no contest, and agreed to a potential injunction to shut down the towers until such a time as they were able to apply for permission.


A unanimous 1-0 opinion found in favour of the government:

"As a result of the draught of city-district authorities on the local level and the lack of legal prescription for matters of this nature, we have to defer to the article of Royal Edict 2016-11-I: that the monarch has “full legislative and executive powers” for the administration of the state. As a result, failure by Defendant to inform the Plaintiff of the construction of the water towers is a civil offence, and the Court orders that the water towers temporarily cease operation until such a time as Plaintiff approves planning permission retrospectively."[1]

The Water Towers complied with the Court's request on the same day, ceasing to operate.

Subsequent developments

The subsequent request for retrospective planning permission filed by the Water Authority was rejected, and the towers were fully deconstructed less than a week after the Court opinion was handed down on the 19th of November, 2016.