RED Missile Programme

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RED Missile Programme
RED II launchpad.
Established 2009
Country MGPRA1
Military A1 Defence Force
Programme Cost <$0
Units Produced 3
Launch Attempts 5
Launch Facilities Filland Commune, A1 (now the Republic of Acacia)

The RED (Remote Explosive Device) Missile Programme was a project of the Most Glorious People's Republic of A1 for the A1 Defence Force designed to test a number of different missile types.

Model Year of Commissioning Number Produced Missions Attempted Missions Successful Notes
RED I 2009 1 2 1 First attempt failed when rocket became stuck in a tree.
RED II 2009 1 2 2 Both missions successful despite oppressive heat conditions on launch days.
RED III 2010 1 3 2 First attempt failed when rocket failed to hit indicated target.