Queendom of Ghosla

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Queendom of Ghosla

To the end of life and beyond
Capital city TBA
Official language(s) English
Demonym Ghoslian
Government Dual-Queendom
- Queen(s) Danielle Nabokov & Lourdes
Established 2013
Population 2

Ghosla or The Queendom of Ghosla is a micronation founded by Danielle Nabakov and Lourdes. According to the Boodlesmyth-Tallini System, Ghosla is a seventh-world nation. Ghosla's goals are to focus on spirituality and belief system of the people and to help with widened acceptance of such subjects. Ghosla also has a strong belief in noncorporeal entities and grants them the same rights as corporeal citizens.