Queen of Sorbet Kingdom

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The Queen of Sorbet is the monarchical head of state of Sorbet. Sorbet has been a Kingdom since 15 March 1918, when it was created from territory of the former German Sorbet . It was in personal union with the United Kingdom of the Mondstadt until 1890 under the House of Charlotte, there have been nine monarchs, including the incumbent, Alicia Charlotte.

Queen of Kingdom of Sorbet
Brenhines Teyrnas Sorbet (Welsh)
Royaume de la reine du sorbet (French)
Royal coat of arms of Sorbet Kingdom.png
Charlotte II
StyleHer Majesty
Heir apparentCharles Charlotte
First monarchNoriko Haruko & Leo Charlotte (Until 2007)
Leo Charlotte (as king of Sorbet Until 2018)
Formation1918; 105 years ago (1918) (Crown colony of Sorbet)
April 26, 2018; 5 years ago (2018-04-26) (Re-established)
ResidenceWinter Palace, Keijō City, Sorbet Kingdom
AppointerSorbet's Constitution

Constitutional role

The constitution of Sorbet defines the Queen's position:

The Queen or King is the head of state, the symbol of unity, and the guarantor of national independence. She exercises executive power according to the constitution and laws of the country.

After a constitutional change (to article 15) in December 2008 resulting from Alicia's accept to assent to a law abolish the death penalty, laws now no longer require the Queen's formal assent (implying "approval") but in reality the queen's power is only ceremonial


Before signing the gender equality law in 2018 then Succession to the throne was governed by Salic law, as dictated by the Charlotte Family Pact, first adopted on 30 June 1783. The right to reign over Sorbet was until June 2011 passed by agnatic-cognatic primogeniture within the House of Charlotte, having been so on 10 July 1860 to exclude the Count of Baroque branch of the House, which was descended from a morganatic marriage.

An heir apparent may be granted the style 'hereditary Queen or King'. The current heir apparent is Hereditary Queen or King. In June 2011, agnatic primogeniture was replaced with absolute primogeniture, allowing any legitimate female descendants within the House of Charlotte to be included in the line of succession.

After the signing of the gender equality agreement in 2018, the Sorbet kingdom's internal changes changed, the Queen or the King was reduced the power, to enact laws was transferred to the prime minister and parliament and Succession is reduced from hereditary down to Succession in order and the succession extends to more families than compared to before June 2011