Queen Anne-Marie

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The Arms of Her Majesty, Queen Anne-Marie of Vernmark


Queen Anne-Marie acceded the throne of Vernmark on the 11th January 2006. The Kingdom of Vernmark was proclaimed independent on the 10th January and so for 6 hours, the Queen was known as HRH Crown Princess Anne-Marie, The Prince or Princess of Vollendam. The title of Princess of Vollendam is intended to be used by heirs to the throne and it was the Queen's wish that it automatically be bestowed on her heir, Crown Prince Constantijn. At first, it was unclear as to what name the Queen would use. It was suggested that she reign as Queen Anne, however, the Queen chose to use her full name.

First Act of Power

Her first act of power was to create the Crown Estate. The Crown Estate Act 2006 was passed as a Royal Decree making it law instantly. She then appointed her Officers of State to aide her in her work as monarch. Furthur acts followed with the creation of boroughs, orders of chivalry and other important national elements.

Foreign Relationships

Queen Anne-Marie began her work in foreign affairs by opening talks with the newly independent Federal Yugoslav Empire. She offered a treaty, known as The Yugoslav-Vernmark Treaty, to Emperor Vadim and it was passed almost immediately. Her Majesty has stressed that she wishes Vernmark to form bonds with many countries however, there are plans to formalise the system whereby foreign states are recognised.


Her Majesty's Titulary

10 January 2006 - 11 January : HRH Crown Princess Anne-Marie of Vernmark, The Princess of Vollendam

11 January 2006

Common Title : Her Majesty The Queen

Full Title : Anne-Marie, By the Grace of God, of The Kingdom of Vernmark, Queen , Defender of the Faith , Fountain of Honour , Princess of Vollendam, Princess of The Kingdom of Vernmark, Head of the Royal House of Holzinger, Duchess of Untersberg, Marchioness of Holberg, Countess of Zellensdam, Baroness of Valzberg, Grand Dame Commander of The Most Illustrious and Honourable Order of the White Rhino, Grand Dame Commander of The Most Illustrious Order of the Feathers, Dame Commander of The Most Excellent Order of the Kingdom of Vernmark, Dame Officer of The Most Noble Order of the Rose, Member of the Royal Order of the House of Holzinger, Commander of The Order of the Vernmark Star