Queen Anastasia of Ruritania

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Her Majesty, Queen Anastasia Sophia Maria Helena von Rubenroth Elphberg is a micronationalist and the reigning monarch of the Kingdom of Ruritania.

Her Majesty
Queen Anastasia
Queen of Ruritania

Queen of Ruritania
Reign 2010 - Present
Preceded by King Wilhelm-Rudolph


Queen Anastasia is the wife of the former Ruritanian King, Wilhelm-Rudolph and assumed the throne following his death in 2010.

According to historical accounts, the King and (future) Queen met at a reception to benefit Ruritanian houses of worship where they quickly bonded over their mutual desire to protect these houses of worship for all religions. A romance developed between the two and after several subsequent meetings, they were married and remained together for over 40 years.

As Queen of Ruritania

Queen Anastasia in her office at the Ruritanian Embassy

After ascending the throne in 2010, Queen Anastasia drastically altered the course of Ruritania's history by pursuing an aggressive outreach program with other unrecognized nations (micronations). In a few short years, Ruritania gathered a large collection of "allies" and undertook several state visits, with one of them being to the Republic of Molossia in 2013.


These acts of diplomacy culminated in 2017 when Ruritania co-hosted the second biennial MicroCon in Atlanta, Georgia. As host of the convention, the Queen and her daughters organized three days of activities and events for the delegates, who were visiting from all over the world.

Honors and awards

Some of the honors and awards Queen Anastasia has received include:

  • Flag of Molossia.png Order of the Palm
  • Flag of Shiloh.jpg Knight of Shiloh
  • Vikeslandflag.jpg Order of the Dragon (defunct)
  • Flag of Calsahara Colony.jpg Order of the Desert Heart
  • Flag of Molossia.png Friendship Medal
  • Ruritania.png Order of the Blue Primrose
  • Ruritania.png Order King Henry the Lion