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Qpalzm is a currently forming socialist Micronation that will be located on the internet and possibly a small bit of land. Our passports are 25c and they last for a month unless if they are specialized passports. We are part of the Federation, a group of micronations. The federation currently consists of 3 other countries: Tarape (ta-ra-pay), the New Texas Republic, and the Republic of States. The current emperor is Liam Wenham the 1st. Our currency is Daqs (pronounced as 'Ducks') The members in order of who joined 1st to last are below: Liam Wenham - Royal Chieftain of Everything. William Arnstein - Board of Strategy. Cameron Granville - General of Military, Chief of immigration, Board of Problem Solving. Lucas Grabowski - Board Commander of Tech. Matthew Ortiz - Board of Science. Anders Klovstad - Board Commander of Medicine, Chief of the Military, and Chief of Education. Cody Hansen - Board commander of Law