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A Scientopian National Holiday celebrating fire and the associated awe-inspiring displays there of. It is celebrated as a way to introduce children to chemistry and physics. It was originally scheduled to take place in March, however, to maximize turn out and celebration readiness, it has been moved to August.

Celebrations Often Seen

Liquid Fuel Overboil

The form of celebration involves bringing either paraffin wax, cooking oil, or another flammable substance over its auto-ignition temperature by placing it in a suitable container and heating the container on a stove, usually a camping stove. Then, from a safe distance, a small amount of water is added. This water sinks to the bottom, touches the intensely heated metal, and vaporises, creating a jet of steam, forcing burning liquid fuel into a burning plume, both spectacular and dangerous. This is performed on a small scale around the celebration area and on a large scale in the center of the celebration site.

The Burning Pyromid

The pyromid (portmanteau of pyroduisti and pyramid) is a tall, elongated square pyramid. Its wooden frame is constructed on site, and its wax coated cotton exterior is attached on site as well. It is the finale to the celebrations, and is usually scrawled all over with words, dates and names that both citizenry and non-citizens have written on that they would rather forget. This year, the words "BLACK MARCH" and "MEISSNER ANTIFAN WAR" are expected to be written by the Tsar or by Tsar expectant Joshua Lee, and the words "SECLUSION" and "DOUBLE FIGURE CITIZENS". The scientopian government plans to contact the Guinness Book of World Records to see how tall the pyromid would need to be to class as a new world record.

Thermobaric Device

Possibly not this year, but next year there will definitely be a thermobaric device. These use an explosive core wrapped in a powdered fuel jacket. This is usually a high explosive core and a powdered metal jacket, but scientopian entertainment devices may be revise of less damage and longer burn times. The explosive is detonated, causing a flame and a large shock wave to propagate forth. This shock wave distributes the powder finely into a cloud. This cloud then ignites, burning at an incredible heat and reinforcing the shock wave.