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Pumley cove is a micro-nation realm of the British Empire, consisting of 3 provinces,1 territory and 4 overseas territories. Pumley Cove has its own Defence Force, Police force, and Democratic Government, and its head of state is HM Queen Elizabeth the Second. It is located in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

The Dominion of Pumley Cove

[[File:Coat of arms PC.pngExample.jpg]]

Motto: De Colle ad Litus (Latin: From Hill to Shore)

Anthem: God Save the Queen (with additional verses)

Capital city: Kingston Village, Kingston, Pumley Cove

Largest city: Kingston Village

Official language(s): English

Official religion(s): Christianity (Anglicanism)

Demonym: Pumlian

Government: Constitutional Monarchy (Realm of the British Empire)

- Governor General

- Prime Minister - Deputy Prime Minister

Legislature: Parliament

Established: First established in 2008 Area claimed: 24 Acres

Population: 7

Currency: Great Britain Pound (GBP) and Canadian Dollar(CAD)

Time zone: (NDT/NST)

National sport: Hockey(winter) Soccer(summer)

National Animal: Snowshow Hare National Bird: Snipe and Grey Jay Patron saint: St.George


Provinces: -Tree -Kingston -South Shore

Territory: -Tribe

Overseas Territories: -St. Marys -White Point -North Shore -Pumley Cove Island

The Royal Pumley Cove Constabulary The Royal Pumley Cove Constabulary or RPCC is the nation's universal law enforcement agency.

The Pumley Cove Ministry of National Defence The PC-MDN consists of 3 major elements which together make up HM Pumlian Armed Forces:

-HM Pumley Cove Coast Guard (PCCG)

With a fleet of 3 vessels and 2 shore establishments, the PCCG serves as both as Pumley Cove's navy and maritime safety organization. Charged with coastal defence, Maritime Enforcement, Search and Rescue, Navigational Aid Maintainance, troop transport and light icebreaking, the PCCG is the most active branch of the Pumlian Armed Forces.

-Royal Pumlian Army (RPA) -Royal Pumlian Air Force (RPAF)

Within these 3 elements, there are multiple joint force units such as Special Operations.