Public Holidays in Uskor

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The Socialist Commonwealth of Uskor has seventeen national holidays. Some of the holidays are declared as public holidays in which non essential work is not permitted.

Date English name Swedish name Remarks
1 January New Year's Day Nyårsdagen Celebrates the first day of the new year
26 January Invasion Day Invasionendag Not a holiday as such but a public memorial to the British invasion of Australia in 1788.
28 February Uskor Day Uskorsdag Marks the day that Uskor was founded.
8 March International Women's Day Internationella kvinnodagen Celebrates the women's liberation movement.
11 April Revolution Day Revolutionsdag Holiday celebrating the Red April Revolution
25 April ANZAC Day ANZACdagen Commemorates the working class soldiers of the ANZACs (also a public holiday in Australia and New Zealand).
April 30 Samhain Samhain Pagan celebration of the end of the harvest season and beginning of winter
1 May International Workers Day Arbetarnas dag A day commemorating the struggle of the international working classes and workers.
9 May Victory Day Segerdagen Celebrates the victory in Europe over Nazi forces
Movable Winter Solstice Vintersolståndet Celebrates the winter solstice.
28 August People's Assembly Day Folktingdag A festival commemorating the People's Assembly each year.
October 31 Beltane Beltane Pagan celebration of the beginning of summer.
7 November Red October Revolution Day Oktoberrevolutionendagen Celebrates the Red October Revolution
Movable Summer Solstice Sommarsolståndet Celebration of the Summer solstice.
25 December Christmas Jul Commemorating the birth of the Christian deity Jesus Christ.
26 December Boxing Day Boxingdag Secular public holiday following the Christmas holiday.
31 December New Years Eve Nyårsafton A day of general merrymaking spent with loved ones or friends to celebrate the end of the year.

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