Prusso-americans programs

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with the prusso-american empire now on the stage, we need to talk about the various programs they run, all of this gets funded by taxes or outside funds like donations.

the countries national golf program gets the most funding, over 100$ a week, we have two very good golfers and sometimes they compete in the sport, they won 40$ once.

the FIB (federal investigation bureau) gets 80$ a week, it is committed to catching pedofiles on discord, and spies to the prusso-american empire.

the gaming world is a project to make a video game, it currently has five members, all are working to make the game possible, the date of release will be october 20 2021, but it will most likely get pushed back even more.

the military gets 10$ a week, we have a variety of weapons, ranged and close, some lethal some not, it is in between two and fifteen at any one time.

congress gets 10$ a week, the dictator has to get it past 5 or more people, so the ruler can never go nuts.