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The Prusso-American Empire is a Buddhist, jewish, and catholic micronation in North America which claims various sites in New Jersey. The national flower is the rose, and the national anthem is entitled The rage of the roses. Declaring independence on 6 May 2017, the micronation claimed the cities of Bayonne and Jersey City from its foundation. its national currency are civonvons.

Led by a few Malloy's, the Prusso-American Empire is a socialist monarchy in which exist three political parties: the Golden Flower Party, the Revolutionary Party, and the Prusso-Independence Party (the latter being of negligible size).

Militarily, the micronation describes its army as "small". At some point in its history it was attacked by a small micronation in what is known as the "Battle of the Bayonne Bay", after which the Prusso-American Empire also claimed the Elizabeth and Union municipalities. The Prusso-American Empire does engage in outside affairs a lot.

The size of the population of the Prusso-American Empire is unknown, but its members speak English, Russian, Finnish, spanish, and koplio.

the empire is quite rich as it can fund a army, utilitys, they even produce food and sell a small part of it at the farmers market to get more money, it runs lottery tickets where the prizes range from 10 dollers to 1000 dollers. they outlaw any drugs unless for medical issues. the min drinking age is 30 in this small but rich empire. the empire funds a navy of many diffrent types of ships, they help ships travel the bay and check random people for drugs. our army has over 200 troops, many of them are in the navy, and the rest helping the local police. the empire has three parts, each with one repersentitive, they meet once a day to talk about issues and how to resolve them. once they agree on something, they go to the leader to aprove it. if he declines, it gets stored for later.

we have very low taxes, 3% income tax 1% sales tax 1.5% property tax 2% water tax

with these low taxes, we keep people very happy and we still have lots of money with no trade, we have the lowest debt for the whole micronational world to see.

our laws are easy to remember no stealing, no murder, no rape, no threats, and no littering. all drugs are outlawed unless medical and min drinking age is 30.

they put a rubber stantion on the usa in may of 2017 and blocked nothing we tried new york, we try to keep it for ourselves, they tryed it another time but got pushed back by a salor, three people on the empire's side got injured and none on the usa side. other then this, the empire never really had anything for the usa, but in 2018, it invaded the usa and got all of new jersey in this one push, 12 people got injured on the empires side and 3 on the usa side. after that they build up there army and got all of new york, Pennsylvania, maryland, and a bunch of other states. this push made it a very big nation.

the nation has a tax collecter and budget planner, we got a general, also an advisor and makes talks the speaches. the law enforcer and helps with other nation affairs to. we got a population of over 10 million people. the nation is having trouble because of trade stantions, we also pay reperations using the rubber we got. maryland got away from the empire and them pennsylvania, we lost land in new jersey and finally collpapsed in the 2018 mamorial day, it then did it all another time about the same as lastiome, and did a third rubber blockade, it is still alive today. and the same people in goverment. it has grown in population in the last few years, long live the empire, as the person who wrote this is the leader of this big and strong nation. the people from here are called prussocans. there stuck in a stailmate war with people geting injured and dying once and a blue moon. the empire had invaded the usa many times but it then waged war on all micronations and nations in the world. it got spicy in april when one of the solders got arrested for quote on quote " injuring someone with a stick" but it was only a small cut, he got arrested for 10 to 12 days and then they invaded mexico city, yes, in mexico city, to show the usa there power, but the mexican army pushed us back and the usa got all but nj back, they are still holding and are running out of supplies to hold, they use everything they got now, but they made a comeback somehow and is doing fine, finer then other micronations at least, its invasion has not gone un'notices as this startes a war. no man will be left behind. population on e was 50mil but now only a bit more then 9mil, by 2050 the micronation will have over ten million people, growing the army, a new crusade will come, it has two offical currencys, civonvons, online currency, and prussomarks, the paper currency. if you dont know our flag yet it is, we dont have one yet our national drink is canada dry grape flavor.

note that this was made for fun, the micronation is real, the wars and such are not.