Provincial Republic of Tsvehk

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The Provincial Republic of Tsvehk, commonly referred to as the Tsvehk Province or simply Tsvehk, is a province of the Republic of Alamantia, created upon the enactment of its New Constitution. Currently its leader is Governor Adam Judge.


The Provincial Republic of Tsvehk was established after the enactment of the New Constitution of the Republic of Alamantia, with Chapter V, Article VIII. Later, on March 16, 2014, the Constitution of the Provinces of Tsvehk and Ionsein was enacted.


The government of the Provincial Republic of Tsvehk consists of the Governor, the Executive Council, and the Ministries. The Executive Council is made up of the Ministers who control their respectful Ministries of Finance, Foreign Relations, Defense and Security, the Interior and Culture, and Justice. The Executive Council acts as both the Governor's Cabinet and as the Legislative Branch. The Governor presides over the Executive Council and can either approve or veto bills passed by it.