Province of Skaia

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Province of Skaia

New York
Capital cityProspit
Official language(s)English
- BurgomeisterLeon Frajmund
Time zoneKST

The Province of Skaia is an administrative region of the St.Charlian federation of Koss located in the United States of America. Its capital is Prospit where the political power in centered in the Burgomeister, Leon Frajmund.


The term Skaia is a portmanteau of "Sky" (possibly from the Greek god Ouranos, who ruled the heavens) and "Gaia" (The Greek Being of the Earth). According to the Greek creation myth, these two beings gave birth to the titan Cronus, who had dominion over time, as well as the rest of the titans. It could also be a reference to "the Skaian Gates" in Homer's Iliad, from which Priam watched the Trojan War. Seeing as the children must travel through The Seven Gates, and also the portals which send the meteors to Earth are 'gateways' of a sort, the name is particularly fitting.



Skaia is governed by the Burgomeister, currently Leon Frajmund. The Burgomeister has unlimited powers within the Province, being able to instate anything by decree, as long as that is not contradictory to Federal Law.



The 34 Churches of Skaia are a very famous term in all of Koss.