Province of Navārdia

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Province of Navārdia
Provincia de Navārdia
Pгoεik del Пaεāгdia


Nflag2.svgCoat of Arms of Navārdia.png

The Freeland Province
Navārdia Georgia.png
Navārdia Kentucky.png

Capital cityOrbly
Largest cityPope Island
Official language(s)Federal languages, Navārdian
Short nameNavārdia
- DukeCasper von Navārdia
- Regional AdministrationCouncil of Navārdia
EstablishedJanuary 1st, 2020
Fall 2017 (as Chocomarina)
Area claimed3.457 acres
Population9 (as of January 2020 census)
3 noncitizen residents
US Dollar accepted unofficially
Time zoneUTC-4:30
National drinkEggnog
Patron saintBlessed Gerard (de facto)
Province of the Phoklandian Free State
Member of the LPN

Navārdia is a semi-autonomous province of the Phoklandian Free State, which itself is a sovereign estate of the Holy Roman Empire. Navārdia consists of four noncontiguous territories in the deciduous forest region of North America, including a city, a town, a territory and a special administrative region. All are enclaves of the United States of America.

The internal affairs of Navārdia are controlled by a council consisting of the head of government of each represented municipality within the province, called the Council of Navārdia, alongside several offices that act as provincial-level ministries.

Navārdia is considered to be part of the Atlanta Cluster, by way of Phokland. It is a founding member of the Atlanta Regional Union and the Atlantozone, alongside New Athens. It is because of this that Phokland adopted the Atlanto as its national currency.


The name Navārdia comes from the Latvian term nav vārda, meaning no name in English. The name was initially a last resort due to Casper’s inability to create a fitting name for the nation. However, it has since assumed a second meaning, symbolizing that Navārdia came from nothing, but became a powerful micronational entity because of its citizens’ dedication.

There is a French wine company called Navardia. It has no association with Navārdia, and the similarity in name has not discovered until January 2020, by Richard Seeger. The government of Navārdia blames the collective creativity phenomenon.

Over the course of history, Navārdia and its predecessor states have had four distinct names.



A digital recreation of the flag of Chocomarina.

At some point while he lived North Carolina, likely Fall of 2017, Casper discovered the website of the Republic of Molossia. He became inspired to create a micronation of his own with his friends, and began to write about his nation-in-progress in a journal.

Based on the contents of the journal, which was rediscovered in late March of 2020, the nation was to be called Chocomarina. A flag was designed for the nation, and the cellular network industry was intended to be nationalized by the end of 2018. Not much else was written about the nation; even its government structure appears to be lost to time.

Though it was the subject of many discussions and writings, declarating Chocomarinian independence was delayed several times, as Casper knew that he would soon move to another state - at the time, long distance governance was an impossibility. Despite this delay, it is believed that Chocomarina was established before Casper left North Carolina, and was simply forgotten over time.

Nearly two years later, on September 2nd, 2019, Casper (now living in Georgia) read an article on weird historical events. One of the events listed was Leicester Hemingway’s creation of New Atlantis, a 240 square foot raft that he tried to turn into an independent nation. Linked to that article was a second article, detailing the micronation phenomenon. Linked to that article were the websites of several micronational governments.

The learning pathway led to Casper rediscovering micronationalism, and deciding to create the first nation in Peachtree City - a perfect location for such projects due to its varied geography and vast network of golf cart paths. For about a week, Casper researched existing micronations, governing styles, vexillology and family history to inspire the new nation. A flag was designed after several prototypes, with the final draft taking the most inspiration from Akhzivland and Aruba. A royal democracy was found to be the most effective system of governance for the small nation, and a constitution was written following those principles.

Naming the nation, however, was a challenge once again. After failing to come up with a fitting name for about a week, Casper decided to call the nation Navārdia, meaning “no name” in the ancestral language of Latvian. With a name, law and flag decided upon, the Grand Duchy of Navārdia was declared independent on September 9th, 2019.

Grand Duchy

Despite being a one man nation, Navārdia faired well for its first few weeks. More government research was pursued, and three laws were passed. On September 23rd, however, Grand Duke Great Grandfather William von Navārdia passed away. A funeral was soon planned in the U.S. state of Kentucky, a place where much of the Grand Ducal family stemmed from.

Nearly the entire Grand Ducal family arrived for the funeral weekend. Despite the unfortunate circumstances, the family spent time reminiscing about memories of William and enjoying the rare, large company the event brought about. After the funeral, Casper annexed a patch of land in Kentucky, in honor of his great grandfather, and the time spent with family in Kentucky. The land was initially called the Memorial Honorary District of Todge, but is today called the Town of Todge.

Shortly after the funeral and annexation, Casper's laptop fried. As such, development of national online resources was relegated to an iPhone. To take advantage of the limitation, citizenship applications were sent to colleagues at a church meetup via AirDrop, to no avail (all recorded responses were memes and other spam). However, one individual unrelated to the meetup became a citizen that evening via iMessage, ending Navārdia's time as a one man nation.

With the nation expanded in size and population, the government became interested in establishing diplomacy, particularly within the Atlanta Cluster. Of particular interest was the nation of Uncornia, thought to have been founded by acquaintances of Casper. With knowledge of several local nations, the government began to advocate for an organization to unite the Atlanta Cluster. Citizens and associated Americans agreed with the idea unanimously, and with that, formation of the organization began.

Late into October, the nation experienced a peak in activity. A military and police force by the name of the Internal Services Office was founded on the 19th. A resident of the Capital Province allowed Casper access to their computer, resuming development of the national website and other such tools. On the 23rd, another citizen was accepted into the nation as an Internal Services officer, and Pope Island was annexed by her recommendation. The next day, Unicornian diarchs organized a meeting with Grand Duke Casper, during which a mutual recognition and defense treaty was signed. Finally, on Halloween night, the first ever national gala was organized by Casper and Officer Eggs Benedict.

On November 10th, Casper created a government email address for intermicronational community, soon after signing a treaty with the Kingdom of Phokland. Tsar Charles of Phokland invited Navārdia to the League of Professional Nations after establishing mutual recognition, an invitation that was quickly accepted. Lehmark and Ledilia, both fellow members of the league, signed mutual recognition treaties with Navārdia soon after.

On November 27th, Charles contacted Casper about the newly founded East-Erica, offering to accept Navārdia as a constituent country. The offer was accepted, but later postponed to give the nations more time to plan the union and its functions. However, Navārdia joined a different kind of union on December 1st, when Grand Duke Casper and King Tyler of New Athens finally founded the Atlanta Regional Union. Between joining those unions, Navārdia gained two citizens. Yet another joined on December 3rd.

On the 27th, Navārdia was accepted as a part of the Union of East-Erica, a transcontinental confederation consisting at the time of Phokland and Lehmark. However, Lehmark suddenly dropped out of the union, and East-Erica was subsequently postponed to better plan out its functions. The more successful Atlanta Regional Union was founded by Casper alongside King Tyler of New Athens on December 1st. Navārdia gained three citizens in the period concurrent with union negotiations.

By December 10th, the East-Erica union had been restructured into the Phoklandian Free State. The national news service issued an announcement that Navārdia was to join the union on New Year's day, and outlined several changes that would occur due to the merger. The provisional government of the Free State began searching for ministers to fill the national government, leading an individual known as General Steelbottom to become a citizen and reserve the position of Defense Minister. Not long after, New Year's eve finally arrived. All seven citizens of the Grand Duchy of Navārdia rung in a new decade, and a new nation.

The next day, the Navārdian Free Land was a constituent state of Phokland.


Casper, now Prime Minister of Phokland and Grand Duke of Orbly due to the union, annexed the neighboring nation of Unicornia on January 12th, 2020, claiming it as an unrepresented territory of Phokland and Navārdia. It was renamed to New Santiago to sound more professional. On January 15th, Navārdia went through a minor revision, becoming a province. All of Navārdia’s former provinces were converted into cities. Later that month, on the 31st, the western part of Pope Island was ceded to New Athens effectively for two years.

The Navārdian flag hanging in a citizen’s bedroom, at the beginning of the 2020 activity and government initiative.

In the middle of February, Casper began an initiative to make the provincial and municipal governments in Navārdia more active. The first of these changes came in the form of the selection of a cat named Thai as Chief Mouser, a position which was intended to be formally elected along with other positions later on.

In March, the coronavirus pandemic began to hit areas of Georgia and Kentucky close to Navārdian territory. On the 12th, a resident of New Santiago began showing symptoms of the coronavirus. Though it was found to be a false alarm, provisional protective measures were put in place by New Santiaguian and mainland Navārdian officials.

On the evening of the 21st, the first religious event in Navārdian history took place in Orbly - a Catholic mass, held by residents at their home in an attempt to avoid public gatherings. The mass was followed up by a second event on April 4th.

On April 1st, Georgia governor Brian Kemp announced that a stay at home order would be put into effect in the state on the evening of the 3rd. Navārdian administrator Casper von Navārdia followed suit, announcing a province-wide duplicate order on the 2nd.

Following the lockdown, the Navārdian predecessor state of Chocomarina was dissolved at long last, to facilitate a merge into Navārdia as a town or territory. Concurrently, Casper von Navārdia joined the Phoklandian nobility as Duke of Navārdia, returning to his rightful throne as a local and ceremonial head of state within the province.

Politics & Government

The central government of Navārdia is called the Council of Navārdia, consisting of the heads of government of each Navārdian city. The council acts as a parliament, managing the various offices within the province and voting on regional laws. The council may also give out regional awards and honors, usually to people and places that impact local culture.

Diplomatic Office

The Navārdian Diplomatic Office manages provincial delegations to organizations like the LPN, as well as overseeing embassies to and from Phokland located within the provincial sphere. As Navārdia does not have its own foreign relations, the diplomatic office is not considered a foreign office.

Finance Office

The Navārdian Finance Office manages provincial budgeting, citizen baking and exchange of accepted currency.

Mousing Office

The Navārdian Mousing Office is in charge of the ceremonial appointment of mouser cats across the province. Each election season, a Chief Mouser is elected from the office’s feline staff, and serves as a de facto symbol of Navārdia. The Mousing Office was inspired by the United Kingdom's Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office.


Navārdia has claimed four parcels of land - one city, one town, one territory and one special administrative region.

Name Territorial Flag Type Population Leadership Date of Founding
City of Orbly Orbly.png City 2 citizens
1 resident
Mayor Casper January 1st, 2020
September 9th, 2019
Town of Todge Todge.svg Town 0 citizens
Residency unknown
Prince Eternal William
Governor Vacant
September 29th, 2019
Pope Island Pope Island.svg Territory 0 Governor Vacant October 23rd, 2019
New Santiago Uflag2.png Special Administrative Region 2 citizens
2 residents
Chief Executive April January 12th, 2020
Town of Entenburg[1] Fwag.png City 5 N/A March 1st, 2020


  1. Entenburg is a municipal district representing nonresidential citizens of Phokland. Although it is traditionally counted as a part of the Homeland province, it is used in some Navārdian documents to refer to nonresidential citizens counted in the provincial population.