Province of Daniel-Land

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Province of Daniel-Land
Provincia de Daniel-Landia

1st June 2012 — 15th June 2012

La nasen de Utopia
The nation of Utopia
La sínfonia de la rosa de los vientos
Spain and Elsin (fictional planet)
Capital cityDianberg
Official language(s)English, Dannish
Official religion(s)Danielism
- GovernorDaniel B. Soares (UDP)
LegislatureUtopian Parliament (via Utopia's forums)
- Type - Unicameral
Established1st June 2012
Area claimedaprox. 0.5 spuare metres
CurrencyUtopian Dollar
Time zone(UTC+1)
National drinkFanta, Lemonade, Water
National animalHedgehog
Patron saintSt. Daniel of Padua

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The Province of Daniel-Land is a province of the United Provinces of Utopia that consists the former micronation of Danland and the fictional planet of Elsin.


Kingdom of Danland

The micronation was founded on August 9, 2011 by King Daniel I (as the governor was then known as) as the Kingdom of Daniel-Land. In 2012 it tried to claim micronations like Koss and A1, following their plans to disestablish themselves but they failed to join, Koss likely due to joining St. Charlie. After those plans had failed, Danland looked information on the United Provinces of Utopia and decided to merge his nation with Utopia to form the United States of Daniel-Land, but this was not approved by the Utopian Government.

So it decided to join the micronation along with the fictional planet of Elsin, which was also created by King Daniel I. The date of membership was June 1, 2012 and on that day it would join the micronation.


Although the history of most of the fictional nations on Elsin were fictional histories. Real histories have been spread in the micronational world. One of the king's earliest fictional nations was Daniel-Pallace which was created in Summer 2006, which would also see the birth of the Dannish language, which became popular on MicroWiki and became Danland's official language.

Then later he would create other fictional nations in 2007 and creating the fictional nation of Daniel-land in 2009 as the leading fictional nation. All of those joined Elsin on October 3, 2011 and merged to form the Daniel-Landic province of Utopia, as they are now.

The Utopia Era

On June 1, 2012 Daniel-Land joined Utopia and the ruler became Daniel B. Soares (no longer King Daniel I). He would also establish the Utopian Dan Party in order to participate in the first Utopian elections and the role become the first prime minister of Utopia.

Secession and end of Danland

On June 11, 2012 it was reported that Daniel-Land was to secede from Utopia and plans for Daniel-Land to make a new Global Democratic State ruled by Daniel B. Soares.

On June 15, 2012 with an approval from the Parliament, it left Utopia. He had plans to do a global democratic state, but now Danland is said to be declared defunct or inactive for the moment, as he is about to leave micronationalism for a while.


Television is controlled by Daniel-Landic Broadcasting Corporation (DLBC) and United Utopia. News is controlled by Dan Times and Utopian News Agency.

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