Province, Awesome

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City of Province
Founded 10 May 2010
Residents 0
Language(s) spoken English
Jurisdiction Confederation Capitol District

The City of Province is the capitol of the Confederation of Awesome, and is a part of the special Confederation Capitol District.



Before the area that is today Province was a part of the Confederation of Awesome, it was under the jurisdiction of the city of Trussville, Alabama. The area was used as an informal meeting place for citizens since 10 May, before it was techincally annexed as a capitol. After the foundation of the Confederation of Awesome, it was suggested that, to avoid being dominated by one state, the capitol be moved to a neutral territory (this was later written into the Constitution.) The area of Province was already used as a meeting place for Confederation members, and so, King Dave Gomez I authorized the annexation of the city, and its transition into being the official capitol on 20 June 2010.

Current Events

Once it was annexed, the Confederation moved the meeting area for the Confederation Congress from Davetopia to the city. During the One Month's War, the capitol was faced with an attempted attack by the Southern Union in the Battle of Province, but this attempted occupation was unsucessful. Although originally Province was a provisional capitol, that status has since been lifted, and the city is now home to the headquarters of cabinet. Plans have been created to expand the capitol building, although they will not be taken into effect any time soon due to budget problems.


Congressional Hall

The Capitol Building of the Confederation is home to the meeting place of Confederation Congress known as Congressional hall, and it also contains the Province Mint, the largest printer of Confederation Dollars in the Union.

Province Park

The area to the outside of the Capitol building is known as Province Park, a government owned area that is home to a wooded forest, and an area of the bank of the Cahaba River.


Since Province is considered to be a Capitol District, it is not represented in Confederation Congress, and since it has no citizens, it has no mayor. Due to its proximity to the state, Province follows the common law code of Davetopia.