Protectorate of Paintbrush Prairie

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Paintbrush Prairie
Flag of Paintbrush Prairie
Coat of arms
Motto: We will keep searching
StatusProtectorate of
• Monarch
Jackson I
• Land given to Ikonia
6 May 2019
• Land given back to Kapreburg
18 August 2020

The Protectorate of Paintbrush Prairie was a Ikonian protectorate which was given to the Ikonia crown for administration during the Kapresh constitutional crisis. Cameron I was presented with the protectorate from the Duke of Crystal, and accepted it on 6 May 2019. It was stated to be returned to the Republic of Kapreburg after the election for the new President of Kapreburg on 28 September 2019, but was delayed heavily due to the monarchization of the Empire of Kapreburg. It was finally agreed to be returned to Kapreburg on 18 August 2020. It was unclaimed by Kapreburg on 1 December 2020.