Promeshe Progressive Unity Party

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Progressive Unity Party
FounderTitus Smith
First SecretaryTitus Smith
FoundedFebruary 8, 2015 (official)
IdeologyProgressivism, Liberal democracy, Constitutionalism, Populism, Left-wing Populism, Green politics, Social Justice, LGBT Rights
Political positionLeft to Centre-left
National affiliationRepublic of Promesa
Official colors         Blue, Red

The Progressive Unity Party is a left wing party and main opposition in the Republic of Promesa. The Party was founded by Shaoshanian Chief Minister and former Doradan leader, Titus Smith. The party was originally conceived in September 2015 to oppose the Conservative Party, but shortly after Costa Dorada was dissolved. It currently is the ruling party in Marxia, a small territory within the Shaoshanian city-state under Promeshe jurisdiction, and presided over by Smith.


The party was conceived as part of the creation of the Promeshe Conservative Party which came to President Ariel Yaari when Promesa was in the "Pre-Active" Stage, as President Yaari was deveoping Promesa, and wanted a Party for people who shared his center-conservative views and to rival the Left so he created the Conservative Party of Promesa. However, many Promeshe politicians identified as conservatives and joined the Promeshe Conservative Party. During Formation of Promesa, Titus Smith asked Yaari if he could create a leftist party, the Promeshe Progressive Unity Party. Yaari said it would help Promesa to achieve political balance and hoped there would be a rival to the party as he did not want a "lack of freedom of speech". However, in November 2014, Smith announced his retirement and the dissolution of his nation Costa Dorada and the plan was shelved. Smith returned in February 2015 with a new nation and reestablished Marxia and created the Progressive Unity Party.


The party is a loosely based group of various left wing political groups. Smith has often compared it to the Greek Syriza Party, due to its coalition of liberals, communists, civil libertarians, and liberal democrats. The party is committed to a form of big tent Progressivism, liberal democracy, and Constitutionalism but belief in these is not strictly enforced. Some policies of the party include environmentalism, social justice such as LGBT rights and civil, constitutional, and human rights commitments for all minorities and religious groups. Generally, the party is a populist coalition of the left designed to bring and unite those who are opposed to conservative policy or who don't identify as conservative. They believe strongly in worker's rights, such as safe working conditions and fair wages. Smith has said upon the party's foundation that commitment to Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion and all other basic freedoms is a fundamental component to a democratic and progressive state, however, it does take a strong stance in the belief of separating church and state. The Party also believes in a commitment to establishing a written constitution but that certain basic laws are necessary to keep social order intact.

Much like that of most left-wing parties, it is a staunch supporter of gay-marriage and LGBT Rights, legalization of marijuana, women's rights, the lowering of the age of consent from 19 to 18 and the taxation and regulation of pornography. It opposes laws that restrict freedoms on people's bodies, their right to love, sexuality, etc, their religious or political affiliations and opposes laws discriminating against someone bases upon their race, ethnicity, nationality, etc. However, unlike some centre-left parties, the Progressives do not have a set belief on gun rights, with some advocating a necessity as a safeguard against tyranny and some advocating further regulation.