Promeshe Conservative Party

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Conservative Party of Promesa
PresidentAriel Yaari
FounderAriel Yaari
5 / 13
IdeologyConservatism, Anti-Socialism, Anti-Communism, Anti-Marxist-Leninism, Pro-Capitalism
Political positionCenter-Right
National affiliationRepublic of Promesa
Official colors         Steel Blue , Lime
Seats in the Fedralis
2 / 7

The Promeshe Conservative Party is the Dominant and currently the only Political Party in the Republic of Promesa. The Party currently has no rival to challenge its beliefs. The Leader of Costa Dorada Titus Smith did want to create a leftist party to oppose the Conservative Party, but shortly after Costa Dorada was dissolved. It Currently holds two seats in the Fedralis with 5 seats vacant, President Yaari says he hopes there will be a rival to the party soon as he does not want "lack of freedom of speech".


The Idea to create the Conservative of Promesa came to President Yaari when Promesa was in the "Pre-Active" Stage, as President Yaari was deveoping Promesa, and wanted a Party for people who shared his center-conservative views and to rival the Left so he created the Conservative Party of Promesa. Most of the Politicians of Promesa, ever since the Party's Foundation have affiliated themselves as conservatives and have Joined the Promeshe Conservative Party. During Formation of Promesa, Titus Smith, asked Ariel of he could create a leftist party, the Promeshe Progressive Unity Party, Ariel said it would help Promesa to achieve Political Balance, but, Smith announced retirement and the dissolution of his nation Costa Dorada making this party only a dream.


The Ideology of the party is Conservative. They believe that Free-Markets should be encouraged, and that anyone who is willing to look for a job can find one. They also believe Conservatism equivalent of the United States, that a Government should be ruled democratically and not ruled by a single dictator. They believe everyone should be entitled to Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion and all other basic freedoms, they also believe that Promesa should be structured as a Republic with the 2 branches it has, executive-judicial and legislative. The Party tries to keep in check with the Basic laws The Promeshe Government has established until a constitution is formed. The Conservative Party also does not take a liking to Communism, The President of Promesa Ariel Yaari, degrades Communism and Socialism, calling them "nonsensical governments" saying they do not work in the "real" world. This is also the Stand the Party has on Communism and Socialism, defending its stand on these subjects and arguing that Promesa should not be ruled under these Marxist-Leninist Governments. The Party however, unlike most Conservative counterparts does believe in separation of Church and State and is more open to the Idea of Same-Sex Marriage.