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Yesterday by the Beatles
Official language(s) English
Capital Kataka
Date founded 5/6/2010
Number of citizens 15
Number of active citizens 4
Government Representative Democracy
Current leader Bendsy
National animal Meerkat

Promelan is a micronation founded on June 5, 2010 and is located in Australia. Promelan claims Bendsy's property and has a population of fifteen.



The government is a representative presidential democracy whereby citizens are required to vote for a president every three Promelese years (three fortnights).


Promelan has four electorates: Tiron, Kataka, Concal, Lont. Ministers are taken from each electorate who are each allocated Ministers. Lont is the electorate for Ministers of Science and Media. Kataka has the Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Power Supplies. Tiron is the electorate for foreign nerds and ninjas while Concal is the electorate for environmental issues and the economy.

Culture and foreign relations

Promelan has a multicultural society with no official religion. The national dish is spaghetti bolognese and the national drink is fruit punch. Promelan has diplomatic relations with the Republic of Awesome.