Proluni Socialist Empire

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              Proluni Socialist Empire (English)                          Prolunin Sosialistinen Impeeriumi (Finnish)

Prolunian Flag.jpg                   Flag JyriLandia.png         Coat of Arms

       Motto: "we live to serve the country" (English)                            "elämme palvelemaan maata" (Finnish)                        National Anthem: Kansainvälinen

Capital City


Official Langage(s)

Finnish, English

Official Religion

none (State Atheism)




Socialist Empire

Peoples Emperor

Jyri Ahvenjärvi


First Republic: 01/05/2009

First Empire: 12/08/2011





Time Zone


National animal


                             (no website)

The Proluni Socialist Empire (Finnish: Prolunin Sosialistinen Impeeriumi) is a Socialist Micronation first formed as The Peoples Republic of Proluni on the 1st of May 2009, but changed to The Proluni Socialist Empire on the 12th of August 2011.


Proluni´s founding was achieved on the 1st of May in 2009 by Great Leader Jyri Ahvenjärvi, It was a great day to the people of Vallolansaari as the leader stood up against the Oppressor. Who was destroying our leader´s work and in the battle of hill 01 Jyri Ahvenjärvi defeated the oppressor and raised a new glorious micronation of Proluni.

On the 12th of August 2011, Proluni became a Socialist Empire.


Proluni´s First and Only Armada is a Land and Sea Force.

They use the old Uniform of Nationale Volksarmee as there own.


Proluni is a Socialist Empire and it follows the teachings of Jyrinism which are based on Monarchy and Communism.First when Proluni was a Republic it was only governed by communism. but when it changed to a Socialist Empire it had to melt monarchism and communism to a one idea. So the government is ruled by one person as a Peoples Emperor and the economy,military and culture are ruled by communism


1.No killing unless execution

2.freedom of speech unless its against the government and the leader anti-Proluni things to the country Tobacco but cigars are legal

5.No stealing.

6.what is your´s is Goverment´s too unless its important like food and value


Prolunian Nature is similar as any forest in Finlands Lapland and there is on Hill and Animal Life to (birds moose and hedgehog) and the proluni is an island it is surrounded by two rivers


The culture is similiar to that of Finland.

Proluni's National Dish is reindeer roast and potatoes with rye bread.Prolunians have sisu like the finns and thats why prolunians would walk even trhough a mountain.

National Holidays

  • Independence day 1 May
  • Memorial day to the Great Leader who defeated the oppressor 2 May
  • Women´s Valuation day 18 March
  • Crhistmas 25 December
  • May Day 1 May
  • Winter day 6 February