Project White

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White Island
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Nickname(s): Mau Mau Island
Motto: "We use this place for chemical testing"
Founder Thomas Warner and Russell Gilzem
Time zone Bepistan (UTC-05:00)


Project White is an ongoing, 3-part operation to claim territory for the kingdoms of Auvenum and Bepistan from an uninhabited island located in Brooklyn, NY and was devised by Russel Gilzem of Auvenum and Thomas Warner of Bepistan.



White Island is located in Marine Park, a "nature reserve" in Brooklyn, NY. The island itself is in the middle of a salt marsh, roughly 76.2 meters (250 feet) away from the shore on all sides. During low tide, the island is much more easily accessible, and in some places, although not confirmed, it is said that it is shallow enough to walk across with ordinary rain boots. The island appears to be somewhat elevated from the surrounding shore, and slightly sandy with patches of grass but no trees. The island existed back when european settlers started arriving, and a windmill was supposedly built on the island. After a few centuries, the island was drastically enlarged by illegal garbage numping and sand from the construction of the Belt Parkway.

Map of the island.

Phase 1

Scouting the area and searching for possible docking and sailing points were done in phase 1, completed on November 11, 2018 by Russel Gilzem and Thomas Warner.

Phase 2

Phase two consists of sailing to the island and claiming the land for Auvenum and Bepistan, and will include inserting the flags of both countries into the ground. This is planned to be in spring of 2019, this time with the addition of the leader of the Principality of Duke, Tom Yusuf Kap, invited to be the first to step foot on the island

Phase 3

Phase 3 of Project White will include building a small bridge and a flat patch of asphalt or concrete for the BNSAP (Bepistan National Space and Aviation Program) and the Auvenese version of WISP (White Island Space Program)as a rocket launchpad and runway for (model) planes to depart and take off to/from Marine Park Airport.