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Project Dona Sven, sometimes shortened to Dona Sven, is the creative team behind the micronation of Sunþrawegaz Kuningadōmas and other micronations on the fictional planet Qarna. It consists of just over half a dozen amateur Lego designers, artists, mapmakers and creative consultants. Dona Sven was founded and is lead by the life-long micronationalist Violette "Suzuki" Leōcor, immediately following here departure from Drew Star Line in August 2017, although the Project was not called Dona Sven until the following year.


Dona Sven is an anagram of the micronation known as San Dover. In late 2017, Suzuki Leōcor gathered a small group of Lego designers she had worked with in the past to help design a temple-like complex for San Dover, a self-declared sovereign historical society. A scale model of the San Doverian temple was to built out of Legos, a medium Leōcor was familiar with, to help finalize the design of the complex. The team that was assembled to design and construct this model was given the name Dona Sven, an name-like anagram of the micronation the team represented. When it appeared that San Dover would be shelved that December, the Dona Sven team was reallocated to helping design and construct Sunþrawegaz.



Dona Sven runs on a direct democracy basis, with daily, weekly or monthly tasks being given to each member on a basis of their time and resources. Major decisions effecting the culture, history, politics or geography of the entities being created are typically put to a general vote. All micronational affairs are dealt with by Leōcor, the only micronationalist on the team. Project Dona Sven, as a direct representative of one of their entities, Sunþrawegaz, is an observer of the Grand Unified Micronational, where Leōcor holds the team's single, non-voting seat.

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