Libsoš Party

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LeaderArctic of Veskrai
HeadquartersVeskrai, Suverska
IdeologyLibertarian socialism
Direct democracy
Political positionLeft-libertarian
International affiliationISA, ISF
Colors     Yellow
Federal Council
2 / 5
Meteor Council
0 / 3

Libsoš, officially registered as the Libsoš Party and previously called the Suwerenny Party, is a political party in Suverska.


The party’s political stance has been described using terms such as libertarian socialism, environmentalism and green politics, grassroots democracy, direct democracy, decentralization, workplace democracy, and pirate politics.

Electoral results

Presidential elections

Election Candidate First round Second round Result
2014 John of Flosia* 100% Won
2016 John of Flosia* 89% Won
May 2018 John of Flosia* 61% Won
Oct 2018 Arctic of Veskrai 36% 62% Won

Note: John of Flosia ran as an independent candidate but was endorsed by Libsoš

Parliamentary elections

Election Leader Vote Seats +/- Rank Status
2014 Arctic of Veskrai ?%
3 / 5
1st Majority Government
2016 Arctic of Veskrai ?%
4 / 7
0 1st Majority Government
2018 Arctic of Veskrai ?%
4 / 9
0 1st Minority Government