Progressive Micronational Forum

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Progressive Micronational Forum
Progressive Micronational Forum.PNG
Official Logo

Motto For every winner, there are 100 losers.

Headquarters Skovaji UK Embassy

Official languages All micronational languages, mostly English

Consensus Organiser To be elected
Diplomatic Organiser Kerry Stapleton

Foundation 20th Febuary 2016

Website Official website (To be published Febuary 2016)

The Progressive Micronational Forum is an inter-micronational forum for left-winged nations/national parties that aims to promote cooperation between all micronations, and the eradication of class inequality and the polititcal right from Micronationalsim.


Stated Aims

According to its founder, Kerry Stapleton, the group is, "a body that aims to, like the GUM and OAM before us, unite all of the micornations in one body, however we also want to help all citizens of these nations by eradicating Class Inequality and the hateful and crushing politics of the political right, which ahve for too long weighed down the micronational community. All of us have been carrying the actions of the micronational right wing on our back since day one"

The group also want to promote Anarchism and Communism as serious alternatives for elected or capitalist governements. The group have called the faliure of the Skovajan Anarcho-Communist State "one of the biggest faliures of Kerry Stapleton's political career", and claim that micronationalism is "A real oppertunity for the far left and the left-wing liberals".


At current, the group's only memeber is Skovaji. Memebers can be political parties or nations.