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The Pristinian Awards of Appreciation (occasionally referred to as the Kyng Fyrst Awards in honour of the creator of the Slinky Award of Appreciation, the awards' predecessor) are awards given out every 6 months (formerly annually) by the citizens of Pristinia to other micronations to show thanks for contributions to the micronational world. The five main awards given out are currently: Culture, Friendliness, Fun, Diplomacy and Politics. Nominations are made by all members of the Intermicronational Community and the winner is voted on by the citizens of Pristinia.


The Pristinian Awards of Appreciation are the successor to the Slinky Awards of Appreciation, which died due to the Slinky Empyre becoming defunct. They were created by King Sebastian I of the Kingdom of Pristinia (now President Sebastian Linden of the Free Pristinian Republic) on September 26, 2011.

On January 29, 2012, President Linden announced that the Kyng Fyrst Awards would be awarded every 6 months, on April 30 and October 30 respectively. Also, Science & Technology, Education and Journalism were added as categories from the April '12 Awards on. Nominations were opened that same day.

Awards 2011



  • Sirocco (Daniel Anderson) – For great graphics and the subsequent expansion of Sirocco's culture.
  • Austenasia (Crown Prince Jonathan) – For the advancement of their monarchial and parliamentary culture.
  • Egtavia (Pierre d'Égtavie) – For their technological advancement, including the Egtavian Plateway.
  • Juclandia (Ciprian of Juclandia) – For their advancement in toys.
  • St.Charlie (Alexander Reinhardt) For the creation of a nation who's culture (among other things) seems almost macronational.


  • Francisville (James Stewart) – For being uninvolved in any petty micronational conflicts whatsoever.
  • Dorzhabad (Daniel Morris) – For remaining kind whilst facing hostility.
  • Erephisia (Billy Neil) – For remaining friendly and accepting even through difficult times.


  • Senya (Barnaby Hands) – For organising both a simulated and real micronational football league.
  • Wyvern (Quentin I, Bradley of Dullahan) – For Soviet Bear, Minecraft, and their other puppet shows.


  • St.Charlie (Alexander Reinhardt, Heinrich Schneider) – For creating and organising the 2011 and possibly 2012 Intermicronational Summits; as well as for creating and maintaining the St.Charlian Commonwealth.
  • East Kozuc (Riley Small) – For successful defence of the anti-walrus campaign in East Kozuc.
  • Wyvern and Grezhnia (Quentin I, Bradley of Dullahan, Ossie of Behemoth and Dirk I respectively) – For hosting and planning the Conference of Rotterdam.


  • Zealandia (Anthony Fowler) – For having a strongly active political world.
  • Nemkhavia (Marka Mejakhansk et al) – For the quick and successful growth of the Federation.
  • Wilcsland (Declan I, II & V) – For successfully bringing the Carshalton Sector together in personal union with Wilcsland and its subkingdoms.


<poem>Culture - Egtavia (7 votes) - Austenasia (5 votes) - St.Charlie (2 votes) - Sirocco (1 vote) - Juclandia (0 votes)

Friendliness - Francisville (8 votes) - Dorzhabad (4 votes) - Erephisia (3 votes)

Fun - Wyvern (13 votes) - Senya (2 votes)

Diplomacy - St.Charlie (8 votes) - Wyvern and Grezhnia (7 votes) - East Kozuc (0 votes)

Politics - Nemkhavia (12 votes) - Wilcsland (2 votes) - Zealandia (1 vote)</poem>

Awards April 2012



  • Wyvern (Quentin I, Bradley of Dullahan et al) – For creating entertaining micronational media (Soviet Bear) and bringing Minecraft to micronationalists.
  • Sirocco (Daniel Anderson) – For creating entertaining micronational media (Micro High) and extraordinary graphic design skills.
  • St.Charlie (Alexander Reinhardt et al) – For creating various entertaining micronational media (NY Cops, comedy shorts, cookery shows etc).


  • Francisville (James Stewart) – For the incorporation of the cantons of Rudno, Llabdey and New Scireland into the Federal Republic.
  • Landashir (James von Puchow) – For their good relations with everyone in the community and their forthcomingness and helpfulness.


  • Landashir (James von Puchow) – For creating a video on how to make tea.
  • Francisville (James Stewart) – For sending great holiday postcards with Francillian motifs around to various nations.


  • Atlantium (George Cruickshank) – For its pivotal role in organising the 2012 (and previously the 2010) PoliNation conference.
  • Blesbí (André Sammut) – For returning to the micronational community as an independent nation with grace and tact.
  • Ultamiya (David) – For being welcoming, warm and open throughout the micronational community.


  • St.Charlie (Alexander Reinhardt) – For returning to office after a year of corruption and making an effort to restore St.Charlie to some degree.
  • Francisville (James Stewart) – For creating, in a direct democratic process, one of the most advanced micronational Constitutions.

Science & Technology

  • Renasia (Jacob Tierney, Luke Hackel) – For RenTech's furnace, rocket fuel, ink etc and for the Renasian language.
  • Federated Republics of A1 (Gordon Freeman) – For creating the first micronational hosting provider.
  • Gishabrun (Tsar Kuri) – For creating one of the most comprehensive micronational conlangs in existence.
  • Francisville (James Stewart) – For the Francillian language.
  • Landashir (James von Puchow) – For the Francilish language and micronational transportation.
  • Egtavia (Pierre d'Égtavie) – For the railway, mechanical television, computer setups, Havre d'Égtavie transport plans etc.


  • St.Charlie (Alexander Reinhardt, Heinrich Schneider, Fabiana Gallo della Loggia et al) – St.Charlian Observer, SCAN and Radio St.Charlie.
  • Renasia (Jacob Tierney) – Renasian Locus.
  • Francisville (James Stewart) – The Francillian.
  • Federated Republics of A1 (Gordon Freeman) – A1NS and A1BC


  • Francisville (James Stewart) – For co-ordinating the Sutherland University scheme of co-operation with Pristinia.


<poem>Culture - St.Charlie (7 votes) - Wyvern (6 votes) - Sirocco (0 votes)

Friendliness - Landashir (9 votes) - Francisville (4 votes)

Fun - Francisville (9 votes) - Landashir (4 votes)

Diplomacy - Atlantium (13 votes) - Blesbí (0 votes) - Ultamiya (0 votes)

Politics - Francisville (7 votes) - St.Charlie (6 votes)

Science - Renasia (7 votes) - Egtavia (6 votes) - Gishabrun (0 votes) - Francisville (0 votes) - Landashir (0 votes) - FRA1 (0 votes)

Journalism - St.Charlie (6 votes) - FRA1 (7 votes) - Renasia (0 votes) - Francisville (0 votes)

Education - Francisville (13 votes) </poem>