Principality of Valencia

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The Principality of Valencia

Vf2.JPGValencian-ruling- crest.jpg

Indeo Liberum
East Africa
Official language(s) English
Short name TPOV
Demonym Valencian
Government Principality
Free Monarchy
- Head of state Prince Gabriel Scroggs of Valencia
Currency (*null) US dollar *default
Time zone EAT

Valencia or The Principality of Valencia is a historical nation state revived on December 6, 2011 by Prince Gabriel Scroggs of Valencia.


The Principality of Valencia was once a small kingdom in what is today's modern Spain. After the Kingdom was abolished, It sat dormant for hundreds of years until The title of King was reclaimed by the new heir King Gabriel Jay Scroggs on September 3 of 2011. On December 6, 2011, the King officially revived the country by re-declaring its Independence as a nation, and reviving its constitution. On the same day he changed the nation to a Principality, thus changing his title to Prince Gabriel Jay Scroggs.


Officially as of March 12, 2012, the Principality of Valencia gained 2,060 km2 (800 sq mi) of Land. It is formally known as "Bir Tawil" and the geographical area will be called such until further notice. The land is located between Egypt and Sudan and was Previously declared "Terra Nullius", meaning "No Man's Land" The coordinates are 21°52′14″N 33°44′14″E .