Principality of Ržagorod

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Principality of Ržagorod
Кніязєства Ржаґорода (Pavlovian)
Flag of Rzagorod.pngCoat of Arms of Rzagorod.png

National Anthem:
Ržagorod! Ržagorod! Ržagorod!
"For the Prince
Capital Oranjepark, Oegstgeest (de facto)

Official languages English, Dutch, Pavlovian

Denomyn Ržagorodian

Government Absolute monarchy
Sovereign Prince of Ržagorod Joseph, Prince of Ržagorod

Area claimed None

Population 7

Currency None

Time zone UTC, EST, CEST

The Principality of Ržagorod, is a non territorial micronation, Ržagorod is a sovereign entity which entirely lacks territory. The Principality of Ržagorod, now based in Oranjepark The State has 7 offical citizens, While 10 others has ambassador status