Principality of Nordika

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Principality of Nordika
Flag of Nordika.pngSeal of Bomistan.png
Official Arms of Nordika.png

Official language(s)Nynorsk
Short nameNordika
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
- PrinceBomis I
- ChancellorChristopher Miller
- Vice ChancellorOle L.
- Secondary Vice ChancellorN/A
LegislatureState Council
- Type - Unicameral
- Number of seats - 7
Established20 May 2019
Population32 (as of the 23 October 2019 census)
CurrencyNorwegian krone
Time zoneCentral European Summer Time
National sportBeyblades
National animalHooded Crow

The Principality of Nordika (Norweigan: Fyrstedømmet Nordika), also known as Nordika, was a micronation within Norway from which it wished to secede from as a sovereign entity. It was founded on the 20th of May, 2019 by taking an inside joke and claiming 1,610,000 square kilometres with it along with the establishment of a sovereign government. Within minutes of the idea being proposed, Ole Petter "Bomis" had been elected prince and head of state after which he reigned as HRH Bomis I, sovereign prince of the APOWC.



The Autonomous Principality of the OWC is the "prototype" of modern Nordika. The OWC, being an excessively obscene name which derived from the aforementioned inside joke. In short time, the organisation took more the form of a serious nation-project than a joke and had established a unique government headed by a General Secretary.

Government Structure

The title of General Secretary may be associated with various socialist states or parties, but for the APOWC had another meaning. Its government was composed of several secretaries heading their respective departments, the General Secretary was the head of government, the word 'general' implying authority over said secretaries. On 17 June 2019 the map was reformed into territorial subdivisions following the policy of so-called "boundary borders" (meaning the territory isn't claimed, only the land of associated citizenry) which spanned 67 square kilometres at sea included. The territory was divided into 6 of these subdivisions with a 7th being added later on compiled of mostly sea, coastline and tiny islets regularly utilised by the expanding Royal Navy. All subdivisions had a regional governor, he represented citizenry who identified with the cause of the state and its existance.


Now known as the Autonomous Principality of Bomistan, this was the era that saw the most change. The creation of the current flag, the liquidation of subdivisions and as such the dissolution of the Riksforsamling (then: National Assembly), the rise and fall of the infamous national treasury; and major government restructuring. The General Secretary was made Rikskansler (Chancellor) and the secretaries were made ministers who then made up the State Council of Nordika, an at-the-time unofficial government institution equal to a Council of Ministers. This council would go on to dissolve the Riksforsamling and take legislative power for itself, which proved to be effective.

National Treasury

On the founding of the national treasury during this period, it was intended to get a flag off of money government members had put aside, but as the State Council gathered more and more frequently to play Risk, ordering pizza to said Risk nights became more and more frequent as well. Time passed and the regular checkups to the treasury ended suddenly upon discovering that the envelope was empty once again, only this time it would remain as such.


A rare example of unauthorised embezzling came along when the Minister of Finance was discovered to have lost 200 nok that was supposed to go to the treasury. He was found guilty by the Minister of the Interior-&-Justice, and sentenced to death by firing squad under the pretense that if he did survive, he could go free of charges. In the government building, the government took matters into their own hands and promptly shot at the minister with Nerf weapons.


After the passing of Bill 11.1 by the State Council in session, the name was changed to the Principality of Nordika. This was the last action taken by the State Council and with the fall of the Royal Navy and the national treasury along with other internal problems mainly centred around neglection, Nordika slowly let loose its claim to sovereignty and to this day doesn't operate.