Principality of New Eiffel/lol

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New Eiffel officially teh Princeapalty ov New Eiffel, formerly known as New Temporary an teh Republic ov New Finland, iz city state micronashun locatd in northwestern europe lanlocked almost totaly 1n London, England an teh Presidential Republic ov Livettree. New Eiffel Iz constitushunal monarchy wif Prince Zed teh 1st as teh head ov State. Itz pop iz 5 butt it has 14 citizens. Itz capital iz Új Repülő an itz LARGEST City iz New Leedz¿ New eiffel whoops New Eiffel hav 3 offishul languagez, engrish, Afrikaanz, New Eiffelian, 2 Nashunal languagez, Hungaryian, Arabtemporarian, an 3 recognisd minority languagez, LOLspeak (yay ^^) flemish, an Dutch.


FLAG!!!'¡¡!!¡!¡¡ from old New Eiffel; teh Republic ov New Finland

New Eiffel wuz foundd ass (lel) country project on 1 January 2018 called teh Republic ov New Finland. Butt at thet time, teh micronashun was no gud, and haz ugly flag kthxbye.

So, teh govermant make country gud.