Principality of Mongaar

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Principality of Mongaar
Mongaarflag.png150px ‎

GovernmentAbsolute Monarchy
Area claimed50 m2
Population3 (as of 2020 census)
National sportBasketball
National animalSquirrel

The Principality of Mongaar is a micronation that was founded in Ireland on 29 December 2018. It later relocated to Canada in February 2020. Mongaar has a population of 3 and is 50 m2 in size. Mongaar is a absolute monarchy and is considering forming a Parliament.


The Mongaar Government is an absolute monarchy and has had 1 leader so far. The Mongaar Government is also considering making a Parliament with multiple parties. Mongaar also has several Government branches include the Department of Agriculture, the Mongaar Treasury and the Department of Technology.


Mongaar was originally 1 acre in size but in the relocation to Canada moved its territory to a room. Mongaar is a city state due to the fact that There in not enough room for multiple cities.


This list contains all the major historical events in Mongaar's history:

  • Mongaar is founded on the 29th december 2018
  • Mongaar erects the Mongaar flag monument
  • Mongaar starts the Department of Treasury
  • Mongaar starts expansion but then ends expansion soon after
  • Mongaar goes into a state of inactivity
  • Mongaar relocates to Canada
  • Mongaar starts to mainly focus on Technology.