Principality of Marimba

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Principality of Marimba
Marimbian Unity Flag.jpg
Coat of arms of Prinipality of Marimba.jpg

Unity in One Nation and Identity
The National Anthem of Marimba
Philippines & Singapore
Capital cityMarimba City
Largest cityBedok
Official language(s)Tagalog & English
Official religion(s)Christianity
GovernmentFederal One-party elective absolute monarchy
- Crown PrinceJohn Allimer Turla

The Principality of Marimba was established in 2018 when Marimba declared independence from Armisenia.

On October 13th, 2018, John Clarence Gomez and John Allimer Turla agreed to create a Confederation called the Confederated Union of Armisenia and Marimba. The ruling party in Marimba is the Marimbian Popular Front Party.

States of Marimba

  • State of West Marimba
  • State of East Marimba
  • State of Marimba Islands
  • State of Marimbian Singapore