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Lumlin (Officially the Principality of Lumlin), is a small 16.86 acre noncontiguous micronation with lands within New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, and Virginia in the United States. It is ruled by Prince Richard IV de Dunbar, it was created on August 8, 2008.


The land that is now part of Lumlin has been ruled by at least four countries, England, the United States, the Seynstano Kingdom, and now the Principality of Lumlin. (quite impressive for 0.13 acres) The Royal Family, de Dunbar has ruled the land since New Year's Eve 1990. Prince Robert II and his wife purchased the land for their palace, castle to be built on, so it in turn became part of the Seynstano Kingdom, which Robert's mother ruled. It became known as the province of Potter's Hollow.

Until 2003 the land remained part of the Seynstano Kingdom, when Prince Robert II left Potter's Hollow leaving his now ex wife and three children. From 2003-2008, although unofficial, the land became part of the United States.

Then on August 8, 2008 (8-8-08) son of Prince Robert II, Prince Richard IV created the Principality of Lumlin. Since then there has been a prototype constitution adopted and several provinces have been created, also new land has been annexed, the largest being the Annexation of Kawameeh, a 14 acre uninhabited park/swamp, but as of August 16, 2008 the annexation has been vetoed by the Prince. The Provinces of Colonia, Laguna, Kilgore-Thrum, and several others have been created since the creation of the principality.

On August 16, 2008, Prince Richard's powers were broadened to the point where he makes every descision for the nation. The prince has since kept the country neutral, not participating in any micronation organizations.

On August 22, 2008 Lumlin officially annexed the Seynstano Kingdom after Queen Loretta stepped down from power, this added approxamately 6 acres of land to the Principality of Lumlin. The provinces of Mormaer, Seynstano, and Rickabaugh were added.

The Prince has a solid agreement with all family members that their property in the United States can and will become part of the country of Lumlin. As a result new provinces are continually being added and eventually some will be consolidated.


Province Date Created Governor/Duke Pop. Area (Acres) Location in the United States
Durham 8/8/08 Michael de Dunbar 2 0.12 Union, NJ
Colonia 8/9/08 Prince Richard IV 1 15x10 ft Union, NJ
Laguna 8/9/08 Emily de Dunbar 1 10x11 ft Union, NJ
Kilgore-Thrum 8/16/08 Ronald de Staiz 2 0.75 Royersford, PA
Jeania 8/21/08 Jean Paczuski 1 0.11 Union, NJ
Ruhl 8/21/08 Steve Ackerman 4 0.11 Union, NJ
Levine 8/21/08 Debra de Staiz 5 0.73 Warren, NJ
Ferris Hill 8/21/08 None 0 6.1 Grand Gorge, NY
St. Joseph 8/21/08 Dutchess Hedwig Paczuski 1 20x20 ft Woodbridge, NJ
Broadwater 8/21/08 Dutchess Edith Marie de Fuller 1 1.2 Nickelsville, VA
Mormaer 8/22/08 Prince Robert II 1 0.12 Union, NJ
Rickabaugh 8/22/08 Dutchess Marlene Gordon 3 5.73 Clarksburg, NJ
Seynstano 8/22/08 Princess Loretta 1 0.13 Union, NJ
Annunziatta 8/22/08 Dutchess Joan de Staiz 2 0.15 Forked River, NJ
Howell 8/22/08 Duke Leslie de Bowne II 5 1.03 Howell, NJ
Krauss 8/22/08 Dutchess Dorothy Paczuski 2 0.48 Summit, NJ
Parfaniuk 8/22/08 Dutchess Pauline Milkolajczyk 1 0.09 Hillside, NJ


  • 12/31/90- The land that is now Lumlin's provinces of Durham, Laguna and Colonia is purchased by the Seynstano Kingdom. Becomes the province of Potter's Hollow.
  • 2003- Potter's Hollow is dissolved and the Seynstano Kingdom relinquishes the province to the United States.
  • 8/8/08- The Principality of Lumlin is created by Prince Richard IV, province of Durham incorporated.
  • 8/9/08- Colonia and Laguna incorporated, prototype constitution adopted.
  • 8/16/08- Kilgore-Thrum Province incorporated, Princes powers broadened.
  • 8/21/08- Jeania, Ruhl, Levine, Ferris Hill, St. Joseph, and Broadwater Provinces incorporated.

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