Principality of Hemdale

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Principality of Hemdale
Principaute de Hemdale (French)
Princlando de Hemdale (Esperano)

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One for All, All for One
(Un pour tous et tous pour un)
West Virginia, U.S.A
Capital cityBayfield, Ancien Municipality
Official language(s)French, Esperanto, English
Official religion(s)None (majority Roman Catholic population)
Short nameHemdale
GovernmentUnitary parliamentary Constitutional monarchy
- PrinceHans-William III
- Prime MinisterAdrien Heslar
- RegentAlois
LegislatureNational Assembly
Area claimed1260 km2 (61 sq mi)
Population20 (permanent), 37,340 (registered)
CurrencyUnited States Dollar
Time zone(Eastern: UTC -5/-4)
National animalBlack Bear
Patron saintSt. George