Principality of Duvalia

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Principality of Duvalia (EN)

2015 — present

Brand New Duvalian Flag.jpg
Flag of Duvalia
Duvalian Coat of Arms

"Dieu et mon pays."
Land of Duvalia
Capital cityMerrill
Largest cityMerrill
Official language(s)English and German
- PrinceWilliam McCurdy
EstablishedNovember 22nd, 2015
Population23 Citizens
CurrencyAmerican Dollar and Duvalian Dollar
Time zoneEST (capital)
National sportSoccer
National drinkSweet Tea
National animalOsprey

Official Website

The Principality of Duvalia is a Florida based micronation with the focus of being an experimental society that hopes to gain recognition nationally and internationally. Duvalia is a parliamentary principality with hopes of a transition to an Imperial Kingdom. The Head of State is the Prince William McCurdy. He is the founder of Duvalia and takes over a few other roles in the nation. He is the Minister for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Domestic Affairs, Science and Technology, Energy, Economy, and the Ministry of Education. Parliament is headed by Prime Minister Ryan Hoban. He was appointed Prime Minister after the foundation of Parliament. Duvalia boasts a modern and effective military with up-to-date equipment and training. Duvalia also has a small staple crop, the Tomato. Duvalia also has a weapons industry. However, Duvalia relies on other countries for all other imports with the largest importer being the United States. Duvalia celebrates 3 national days while following all holidays of the US: Duvalian Independence on November 22, Prince's Day on December 2nd, and Princess' Day on May 2. Duvalia is a permamember and co-founder of the I.D.A or International Democratic Alliance.


The Principality of Duvalia is a Parliamentary Monarchy where the Prince Regnant rules under the restrictions set fourth by Parliament in the Duvalian Constitution. Parliament is headed by Prime Minister Hoban whom was appointed on November 24, 2015. The Prime Minister's position will go up for reelection November 24, 2017.

Royal Family

Prince McCurdy belongs to the newly formed McCurdy royal family when he declared independence from the United States with the foundation of his Micronational project. The McCurdy family is a Sept of the Stuart of Bute Clan originating in Scotland.


The Principality of Duvalia is a strong nation militarily. There are three different military groups with their own respective branches. The Royal Duvalian Defense Force, the Royal Duvalian Expeditionary Force, and the Royal Duvalian Guard. The Defense Force and Expeditionary force have the same branches within themselves and work together for the most part. The Royal Duvalian Guard is an elite guard force for the Prince and family. The Royal Duvalian Mounted Police is not a military force but, trains closely with the Royal Duvalian Guard. The Defense force consists of the reserve forces and the National Militia. The only conflict Duvalia has been in was the Gardeland Civil War as advisors to the kingdom's military.