Principality of Corovnia

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Principality of Corovnia
Кнежевина Кoрoвнија
Kneževina Ćorovnija


мој мач је равна (My Blade is Straight)
Hymn to the Sword
Capital cityDergova
Largest citycapital
Official language(s)Corovnian
Official religion(s)Reformed Orthodox Church
GovernmentExecutive Constitutional Monarchy
- PrinceGerald II
- Chancellor (канцелар)Adam Slivaca
- Type - Unicameral
- Number of seats - 135
EstablishedSeptember 16, 2014
Area claimed81,863m²
Time zoneCET
National sportJousting
National animalGolden Eagle
Patron saintSt. John Calvin

The Principality of Corovnia is a micronation that gained its independence in September 2014.



Corovnia is largely mountainous. Especially in the north and the east, large parts of the country are covered by a mountain ridge, called the Black Ridge, which forms a natural barrier. The nation has an extensive coastline on the west, where most Corovnians live and the largest cities are located. Corovina's territory extends to several larger islands in the western sea.

Forests also cover large parts of Corovnia, explaining the importance of lumber as Corovnia's main export product. Coal mines and other natural resources are also an important factor in Corovnia's economy. Both the mountainous and forested areas are sparcely populated.

From the east spring the Vilja and the Stromia river, both of which come together at the nations capital, Dergova, some 30 miles from the westcoast.