Principality of Ushorton

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The Principality of Ashbourton and Commonwealths, formally the Tetrarch of Ashbourton, is a micronation that was founded on July 21, 2006. As it's former name implies, it was ruled by four Princes up until January 1, 2007 when the oldest Prince, Robert Espinosa, was chosen as ruler. Ashbourton has six Commonwealths with one as a Dependency.


Ashbourton was founded on July 21, 2006 when the Articles of Independence were drawn up by the former Princes; Christopher Garcia, Christian Ruiz, A.J. Juma, and the present Prince, Robert Espinosa. Ashbourton started out small, with only four Commonwealths. Through out the last remaining months of 2006, the power of the four Princes kept shifting. So, on New Years Day 2007, the Council of Governors elected Prince Espinosa I as the heir to the Ashbourton throne remaning it the Princiality of Ashbourton and Commonwealths.

As of that time Ashbourton's government has become stable with many changes occuring. In February, Ashbourton finally became recognized by the State of Roguestown. Afterwards, the Principality annexed the O'Hara Isles which doubled the size of the country. Now, the country has many allies and much more territory already under Ashbourton's jurisdiction.


Ashbourton's government is a Constitutional Monarchy, with the Council of Governors as the single legislative body. Ashbourton is ruled by a Prince/Princess as the head of state with Mayors and Ladies governing the Commonwealths; with the exception of the Commonwealth of Isoma. The Judicial system is divided into three branches in it's own right; Military, Associate, and Appeals courts.

Legislative Branch - The Council of Governors consists of six Governors with the Governor-General as the Head of the Council and informs the Prince/Princess with any information he/she may need. They make the laws.

Executive Branch - The Executive Branch consists of the Prince/Princess and any other Governmental officails appointed by him/her with a 2/3 vote of the Council. Some of the other officials are the Countess or Count of the nation, and the Mayor or Lady of the Commonwealth. They enforce the laws.

Judicial Branch - The Court of law in Ashbourton is divided into three sub-branches between itself; military, associate, and appeals. Miitary court is responsible for the justice in any brach of the Ashbourtanian military from wrong doing. The associate court is responsible for domestic occurrences; felonies, murder, divorce, domestics, DUI, etc. The Appeals court is responisble for bail, fruad, probation, etc. They make sure the laws are not broken.