Principality of Aslaria

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Principality of Aslaria

Colchester, UK
Official language(s)Aslir, Anaȉmish
Recognised languagesRosmuagrid
Short nameAslaria

The Principality of Aslaria, more commonly known as Aslaria is a micronation located in Colchester, UK. The Kingdom of Rosmuagro borders Aslaria to the south. The King of Rosmuagro(HE King Cyrville Layton) maintains diplomatic relations with Aslaria as his sister is head of state in the Principality.


Note: This image is too large to fit in an infobox. Marsa.png


Note: This image is also too large to fit in an infobox. Pluvad.png The Principality of Aslaria consists of twelve different political divisions(as shown above). They are listed below in alphabetical order with their presumed English translations, though these are somewhat unknown and mostly guesswork(marked by ?):

  • Dizrekt Dji Nachinala - The National District/District of the Nation/Capital
  • Esdip - East ?
  • Grech Aslaria - Greater Aslaria
  • Kendip - Central/Middle ?
  • Lesch Aslariya - Lesser Aslaria
  • Naudip - North ?
  • Nauesti - North East ?
  • Nauvedi - North West
  • Saudip - South ?
  • Sauesti - South East ?
  • Spicika - Field? Garden?
  • Vesdip - West ?


The official languages of Aslaria are Aslir and Anaȉmish. Rosmuagrid belongs to the same language group. Not much is known about these languages, but a few words can possibly be translated or pieced together. Based on the file names of a map of Aslaria and its flag, "marsa" can be translated as "flag" and "pluvad" as "map". A list of words obtained by this method exists below. It is unknown which of the languages these words come from, but it is presumed to be Aslir:

  • Aslaria - Aslaria/Aslariya
  • Aslir language - Aslir
  • central?/middle? - ken
  • political division(state? county? province?) - dip, ti, di
  • district - dizrekt
  • east - es
  • field?/garden? - spicika
  • flag - marsa
  • greater - grech
  • lesser?/lower? - lesch
  • map - pluvad
  • national - nachinala
  • north - nau
  • of?/the? - dji
  • south - sau
  • west - ves

Diplomatic Relations

The Principality of Aslaria maintains diplomatic relations with the Kingdom of Rosmuagro.