Princess Shivangi of Purvanchal

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Her Highness
Princess Shivangi
राजकुमारी शिवांगी
রাজকুমারী শিবাঙ্গী
Princess of Purvanchal
Chief Minister of Purvanchal
Assumed office:
28 November 2022
Rajpramukh Dhrubajyoti Roy
Regent Princess Sarala
Predecessor Princess Bishakha
Minister of State for Federal Affairs and Administration
In office:
31 July – 11 November 2022
Rashtradhyaksh Dhrubajyoti Roy
Prime Minister Farhaz Hazarika
Minister of State in the Deputy Prime Minister's Office
Assumed office:
31 July – 11 November 2022
Rashtradhyaksh Dhrubajyoti Roy
Prime Minister Farhaz Hazarika
Deputy Prime Minister Princess Sarala
Personal Information
House Roy
Born 9 February
Guwahati, India
Nationality Indian
Ethnicity Bengali
Political party National People's Congress
Relations Dhrubajyoti Roy (cousin), Tanishkaa Patranabish (cousin), Anoushkaa Patranabish (cousin), Princess Sarala (cousin)
Religion Hindu

Her Highness Princess Shivangi (born 9 February) is a member of the Purvanchali royal family and is a second cousin of Rajpramukhs Dhrubajyoti Roy of Purvanchal, Tanishkaa Patranabish of Beltola and Anoushkaa Patranabish of Basistha. She is currently ranked seventh in the line of succession of the throne of Purvanchal. She is currently serving as the second Chief Minister of Purvanchal since 28 November 2022 succeeding Princess Bishakha.

Personal life

Princess Shivangi was born on 9 February as the only child of her parents. She is a second cousin of Dhrubajyoti Roy, Tanishkaa Patranabish, Anoushkaa Patranabish, and Princess Sarala. Her father is a maternal cousin of Debajyoti, Prince Father of Purvanchal and Lipi, Princess Mother of Beltola and Basistha. She currently attends secondary school.


Royal activities

She became a citizen of Vishwamitra on 13 April 2022 upon finding about micronationalism from her cousin Dhrubajyoti Roy. Being a member of the extended family of the House of Roy, she is entitled to be a Princess as per the statutes issued in January 2021. Thus, she was granted with the title of a "Princess of Purvanchal" styled Highness.


On 31 July 2022, Shivangi was appointed as a minister of state in the government of Vishwamitra in the cabinet of prime minister Farhaz Hazarika. She was assigned as the Minister of State in the Ministry of Federal Affairs and Administration and also appointed as the Minister of State attached to the Deputy Prime Minister. She remained in office till the dissolution of the union council of ministers on 11 November 2022.

During the 2022 general election, she was declined a ticket for election to the Lok Sabha and ceased to be a minister when the new ministry was sworn-in on 12 November 2022. On 28 November 2022, she was appointed as the Chief Minister of Purvanchal by the Princess Regent Princess Sarala and succeeded her fellow royal Princess Bishakha on the position.

Titles, styles, and honours

Titles and styles

Styles of
Princess Shivangi
Reference styleHer Highness
Spoken styleYour Highness
Alternative styleMa'am
  • 13 April 2022 – present: Her Highness Princess Shivangi of Purvanchal


Honours of Purvanchal

Vishwamitran and other states honours

Former honours

Order of wear

Ribbon bars of the orders and decorations that are worn by Her Highness Princess Shivangi of Purvanchal are noted in accordance with customary Vishwamitran conventions applicable to the occasion, the location and to the form of dress worn. The ribbon bars are worn according to the protocol and the precedence of the wear as issued by the Chancellery of the orders. It is to note that the ribbons of the foreign honours are worn below the national and state honours of Vishwamitra.

Order of the Crown of Purvanchal - Grand Commander.svgRibbon bar of the Royal Service Medal (Vishwamitra).svgRibbon bar of the Commemorative Medal of the 21st Birthday of Rashtradhyaksh Dhrubajyoti Roy.svg