Princess Sheryl of Horne

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Princess Sheryl
Mrs Berrigan

Spouse Terence Berrigan (m. 1983)
Krystle Berrigan
Diana Berrigan Huizar
Kevin Berrigan
Danielle Berrigan[1]
Full name
Sheryl Mary Dawn Elizabeth Bieniak
House Horne (official)
Glücksburg (agnatic)
Father Edward Bieniak I of Greece and Denmark
Mother Marian Spaulding, Princess of Horne
Born 1955
New York, United States Flag of the United States.svg
Religion Roman Catholic

Princess Sheryl Bieniak of Horne, Mrs Berrigan (born 1955), is the sister of Edward Bieniak, Prince of Horne, a claimant to a princely throne formerly belonging to the County of Horne in the Holy Roman Empire.[2] She is the second child of Edward Bieniak and Princess Marian of Horne, her brother acceded to the Crown of Horne when their mother, Princess Marian resigned on 13 September 2000. Sheryl was born hard of hearing, and primarily uses American Sign Language.

Princess Sheryl is eleventh in line of succession to her sister Edward Bieniak, the Prince of Horne, after her brother's descendants. Sheryl is a descendant of King George I of Greece and is married to Terence Berrigan. Sheryl had a sister, Princess Luann, who died in 2005.

Princess Sheryl and Terence have four children, all styled as Jonkheer/jonkvrouw van Horne: Krystle, Diana, Kevin, and Danielle. Sheryl and Terence also have five grandchildren.

Titles and styles

Styles of
Princess Sheryl of Horne, Mrs Berrigan
Reference style Her Highness
Spoken style Your Highness
Alternative style Madam
  • 1955 - 1983: Her Highness Princess Sheryl of Horne
  • 1983–present: Her Highness Princess Sheryl of Horne, Mrs Berrigan

Although not a princess of Greece and Denmark, Sheryl is sometimes styled as "of Greece and Denmark". Before her marriage, she used the surname "Bieniak", adopted from her paternal line. Princess Sheryl's full title and style is: Her Highness Princess Sheryl Mary Dawn Elizabeth Bieniak von Glücksburg of Horne, Mrs Berrigan, of Greece and Denmark.[3]


Princess Sheryl is primarily of Polish, Scottish, Irish, and New Netherlander descent.


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Princess Sheryl of Horne
Born: 1987
Lines of succession
Preceded by
Prince Kyle of Horne
Succession to the Crown of Horne
11th position
Succeeded by
Krystle Berrigan