Princess Megan

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Her Royal Highness
Princess Megan
Princess of Lytera
Speaker of the Council

Lyteran Monarchy
Speaker of the Council
Position Held 21st August, 2017 - Present
House House of Reynolds
Father Viscount Graham
Born 20 July
Southampton, UK Flag of the United Kingdom.png
Occupation Student
Religion Atheist

Princess Megan is the second eldest cousin of the incumbent monarch, Alexander I, and 2nd in line to the Throne of Lytera, and is currently serving as the Speaker of the Council of Lytera, having held the position since August 2017, with on and off breaks when the Council was suspended.

While not blood related, the marriage of Viscount Graham and Countess Pamela brought her and HRH Prince Owen into the Royal Family, though at the time, she only held the title of Duchess. In the Lyteran War of the Crown, she fought against the incumbent King, Matthew. Because of this, she was placed as first in line, though due to family disagreements outside of the King's control, he was forced to change his presumed heir for convenience's sake, making Owen Crown Prince in December of 2019 and making her second in line.