Kaidyn I

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HSH Princess Kaidyn I
Her Serine Highness, Princess Kaidyn I of Gleichenberg
PCOA.png Perkins.png
Princess of Phokland, Gleichenberg
In Office
---- office
14 July 2018 - Present
Predecessor position established
Successor Incumbent
Personal Information
Citizenship Pflag4.png Tsardom of Phokland
Residence United States of America (Non-Residential Citizen)
Military service
Allegiance Pflag4.png Tsardom of Phokland

Princess Kaidyn I of Phokland is a Phoklandian royal who currently holds the courtesy title of Princess of Gleichenberg. She is currently the next in line for the throne of the Tsardom of Phokland following the death or abdication of Phokland's current monarch, Tsar Charles I. However, her role as Heir Apparent is only temporary and she will lose this position once the reigning monarch of Phokland has children.

Personal Life

Due to her age, many aspects of Princess Kaidyn's life are currently being withheld from the public. All that is currently known about her is that she lives in the U.S. State of Arizona and that she is the step daughter of Lord Sean Griffith, 1st Baron of Rosston (Tsar Charles I's half-brother).