Prince Uthai

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Prince Uthai

Emperor Father
Assumed office
29 October 2018-Present
Emperor Emperor Pao
Prime Minister Prince Eun Jo
Regent of Emperor
Assumed office
23 October 2019-Present
Emperor Emperor Pao
Prime Minister Not
Personal information
Born May 25, 1980 (1980-05-25) (age 41)
Citizenship Flag of Thailand (2017).png Thai
Flag of Huai Siao.svg Huai Siao
Political party No political party
Residence Royal Palace of Huai Siao
Religion Protestantism
Signature Prince Uthai's signature

Prince Uthai He was the father of Emperor Pao.Is one of the elders of the royal court He is very intelligent in the military.

Royal duties

He is extremely skilled in the military. In 2019, He has supported the Huai Siao Army. And he invented simple military weapons for the Army to use and benefit the military until now.