Prince Ludovic of Hélianthis

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Prince Ludovic
Prince of Hélianthis
Prince of Hélianthis
PredecessorThrone established
BornPellegrin Hospital, France
26 June 1995 (1995-06-26) (age 28)
HouseHouse of Merchadou
FatherPhilippe Merchadou, Grand Duke of Hélianthis
MotherChantal Schmitt, Grand Duchess of Hélianthis

Ludovic of Hélianthis is a member of the princely family of Hélianthis.


Prince Ludovic made all her studies in Blaye. He was proclaimed "Prince" in the accession of her brother on the throne of Hélianthis June 1, 2013. Prince Ludovic is the half-brother of Vincent I, Sovereign Prince of Hélianthis.

Since June 20, 2016, Prince Ludovic was reclassified third in the order of succession to the throne.

Titles and honors


  • 26 june 1995 - 1 june 2013: Sir Ludovic Merchadou
  • 1 june 2013–present: His Serene Highness the Prince Ludovic of Hélianthis

Complete Titulature

Ludovic Merchadou receives 7 August 2009 the title of Knight of Thouet after staying at Aubigny.

  • His Serene Highness, the Prince Ludovic of Hélianthis, Viscount Merchadou and Knight of Thouet


  • Grand Officer of the Prince's Order of the Grand Cross of St. Paul