Prince Kevin Pascion of Newhall

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President Kevin Pascion of Newhall (Now known as Prince Kevin Pascion of Newhall) was the founder of the Republic of Newhall (Now called Adolescentist Kingdom of Newhall).

Early Life of Newhall President Kevin Declared Independence on the 28th of December, the first citizens were President Kevin appointed Vice President LJ Plazuela (Now known as Prince LJ of Plaz Autonomous Region).

Afterwards, Prince Kevin appointed tons of Vice Presidents until it grabbed the right one, V.P. Justin James Tolentino (Now known as Prime Minister Tolentino).


It was Nearly permanent Until the second Reich of Newhall, Constitutional Monarchy, Better Known as "Monarchy of Newhall" And also the Start of the Golden Period of Newhall (August to November), it grew to 2 Soldiers to 24 Soldiers, and Now a Secretary, A Senator and more. Furthermore Newhall was starting Great

PASAHAN-PASAHAN Until, Newhall Had its own "Great Depression" or Known in the eyes of Newhall as "Pasahan-Pasahan", it was where Newhall was forced to give their Nation to the Catholique Socialist Republic until 27 December.

ADOLESCENTIST ADOPTION On the 4th of January, 2019, Newhall saw the Adolescentist Fire with the tagline "May the Adolescentist Fire always be in our hearts"